Sunday, September 9, 2007

Long Time

Yes, it's been a long time and I bet some of you were wondering if I was actually going to keep this up. But I am, I was just waiting until I got settled in in my new place and job.

So here I am! I moved to Silverdale last weekend and worked all last week. It's a bit scary moving to a new place that I've never been, having to get directions to everywhere I might want to go, learning where the grocery store is, etc. Anyway, I'm here and happy.

I'll give you a recap of the last few weeks. The third week in August I visited John in Oklahoma!! Wow, what a beautiful state, I think there is one mountian/hill and a few fields!! Actually, it isn't that bad, it is beautiful in it's own way. John's thoughts on the state are, "there really isn't anything wrong with OK, but there isn't anything good either!" But was great to spend some time with him and see his world. We ended up driving a lot, I think I saw all the highlights of the great state. We went to Vance AFB where he was for most of last year and then to Oklahoma City, okay I guess we missed Tulsa, but oh well!

As soon as I got back I was busy packing and getting ready to move. However, I did get to see Tejan, one of the kids from our home in Marjay Town. He is in the states for surgery that will take place this Wednesday, so please be praying for him. It was crazy to see him here. It was just like my two worlds were colliding, so it was a bit strange at first, but it was really great to see him and spend some time with him. He said his favorite part is having lights all the time!

Last Sunday I moved and it's been fun settling in to a job. I don't think I ever imagined that I would have an office job, but you know, God can call us into some pretty interesting places sometimes.

Next week we are expecting Quami Agbermodji, Eddie Kamara and Massah Kamara to join us for our benefit season, starting in October. I know Eddie and Massah have the same last name but they are not related by blood. I am really excited to have them here and I will actually get to help host them while they are here.

I also wanted to give you an update on the election status in Sierra Leone. They have had a run-off between the two top candidate, since no one met the 55% of votes the first time around. The country has been a bit tense through this time, but the majority of people want to keep it peaceful, so hopefully it will be. You can keep that in your prayers. If you are interested in hearing more, this is a link to some recent news.

That's a lot of random tidbits from my life recently, but hopefully this will get more organized!

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Amy said...

Aren't you two just so cute together? I think you should get hitched or something:)