Wednesday, August 10, 2011


25June2011: Saturday
When we woke up on the train we were travelling through the French countryside, as I said before. At about 11am we arrived in Paris. Our first order of business was to find a hotel so we could drop our bags. We hopped on the Metro and headed for the St. Germain area (someone had told us there were a lot of places to stay there). Apparently, there was some big to do shopping thing going on that weekend and all the hotels were booked up. Finally we found hotel that was full, but the lady working there was willing to help us find a place and eventually we did.
So we got to the hotel, dropped the bags and headed for the Eiffel Tower. We knew our time in Paris was short, and there were just a few things we wanted to see, like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and the Louvre. That afternoon and evening, we made it to the Eiffel Tower, Arc d' Triumph and Notre Dame, mostly on foot. We were a little exhausted after that.
26June2011: Sunday
The plan for the day was to hit the Louvre for a few hours then head to the train station to catch a train to Ramstein Air Base in Germany. Well, the first part of the plan worked out okay. We got into the Louvre, saw Mona and the other various pieces. Sydney spent some time dipping her feet in the fountain outside the Louvre.
Then we headed for the train station, the only problem was that the train we were intending to take, was sold out, as well as the other one that was going out that evening (our back-up plan). So I sat in the train station with Sydney, while John tried to find some internet so that we could figure out our next step. Well, we ended up staying in Paris another night, at a dive of a hostel, but they had internet which was a must at this point. Sadly, we did not really get to enjoy much more time in Paris, as we were madly trying to figure out how we were going to get back to the states.
However, everyone has to eat at some point. So we eventually went in search for some dinner. John and I had gotten in the habit of picking a number and that would be the restaurant we would eat at. So it just so happened that we chose a restaurant that had live music, it was quite good, but a little loud for Sydney. The only thing was that Sydney kept getting hit on by this old, drunk, man. We still have no idea what he was saying!
We went back to the hostel and tried to get some sleep, although the only one who really did was Sydney (which was good).

French countryside

we travel in style

I don't like to brag

waiting for the metro

the tower

Sydney's getting ready to order in French

le Arc d' Triumph

She's just not that impressed

the most romantic bridge in Paris

Notre Dame

The Louvre

Winged Victory

Mona's crowd

the woman herself

Mona & Sydney

the halls of the Louvre

Venus de Milo

Diana of Versailles

the pyramids
playing in the fountain

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NatiliaVish said...

That is one well-traveled baby!! Um, I am SO impressed with all that you guys carried. Nice work. :)