Thursday, June 11, 2009

I have an Announcement!

No, I'm not pregnant!

But God is SO good and SO faithful! This past week I was feeling pretty down about the whole job hunting fiasco. After five interviews, still no takers. I had had an interview at a school that I've subbed a lot at and also sacrificed a lot for(for example, not going with John to WA because I had a job there). I thought, of all schools this would be the one that would hire me. But I didn't get the job.

But God is faithful...

Back in April John had asked me what my first choice would be for a job. I told him Scenic Park(right by our house) would probably be my first choice, Ursa Major(on the base) would be my second choice and then Baxter(the school stated above). And I've always thought that first or second grade would be my ideal grade to teach.

Yesterday I got a call from the district office offering me a First Grade position at Scenic Park!

I still can't believe it! God has always been so faithful in this area, I don't know why I doubted Him. When I didn't get a job right out of college, I didn't know why or what He was doing, but then that led me to Sierra Leone. And once again He has proved me wrong, thank goodness!

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Allie said...

Congrats Bo, that's great news!