Monday, November 17, 2008

San Antonio

We've been trying to make it a point to get out of Altus as much as we can. This may sound very negative, but believe me, it's for our sanity! So this weekend we went to San Antonio, my first real time in Texas. It's a pretty nice city and we had beautiful weather. That is definitely the highlight of being here right now, the good weather and missing the dark days in Alaska! So here are some pics from the weekend.

San Jose Mission, one of four missions in San Antonio

Outside the Church

The Alamo

The riverwalk, one of the downtown attractions

Sea World
John made me go on a rollercoaster, I may look happy but I'm not, I hate those things!


Julie said...

Looks like fun!

Sarah Saunier said...

Um, Colorado is a great place to come if you need to get out of OK. We have pretty mountains!

Allie said...

I second Julie's comment.
I second Sarah's comment!