Friday, February 29, 2008

It's another rainy day in western Washington, I'm just sitting in my little cottage watching the rain fall, the waves come up on the shore, and the wind blow through the trees.

When it rains in Sierra Leone, the red dirt washes into the ocean, casting a red hue in the water. It's amazing how that red mud can mix with ocean, causing red mud waves to wash ashore.
Today the water close to shore is a little dirty. It reminded me of the mud waves.


Sarah Saunier said...

Today, I went hiking in my chacos and my feet were covered in mud. It reminded me of hiking down to the village in the pouring rain. Except the dirt isn't red here. It is brown. I haven't seen that picture of you. I really like it. Where is it from. I wish that I could be sitting in your little cottage with you and we could be discussing life and Sierra Leone. I miss you friend.

Anonymous said...

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