Sunday, November 4, 2007

They've Left

Last Friday, Quami, Eddie and Massah returned to Sierra Leone. It was sad to see them go, but I know that it is best for them. They were actually ready to go. It's easy to think that they wouldn't want to go home, but home is still home and they were ready to get back to a familiar place and away from this cold.
On Thursday night we had a Farewell Party for them and they got up and shared a little about there experience in America. Eddie talked about the first time he used an automatic flush toilet, how he was looking, looking and then all of a sudden it just flushed! Then he went to wash his hands and he was looking for a way to open the tap, but he just put his hands under the faucet and it came on! It was much funnier hearing it from his perspective. And Massah shared about going to Disney World in her best Valley Girl attitude, which she picked up while she was here!
It was wonderful to have them here and seeing them go just made me want to go with them all the more. But I know God has called me to be here right now, so I will stay!

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em said...

ok, you seriously need to post something-this is ridiculous! i get so hopeful every time i go to your blog..and then there's NOTHING. girl, your fans await...